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Who We Are And Why We Built This Website

BouncingBearBotanicals.org is a website that offers valuable information on plants that have a deep relationship to humans. Bouncing bear botanicals has been supplying top quality Kratom and Kratom extracts and a variety of other ethnobotanical plants. These plants are significantly beneficial to humans. Some of the most popular plants include Amanita Muscaria, Entheogens and medicinal herbs.

Kratom is one of the Entheogens and is used in Shamanic practices. Though there are warnings issued by the FDA and government against usage of this herb as it is "hallucinogenic", it has been used for beneficial purposes since ancient times.

On this site, we provide you with in-depth information on Kratom and other Etheogens to help you make an informed decision. Read our Bouncing Bear reviews and customer testimonials to find out more about Kratom and its related products.

Kratom is the leaves collected from a Southeast Asian native tree. This tree belongs to the coffee tree family and its leaves have been used by people living in Southeast Asia for centuries.

Bouncing Bear strives to preserve the very basic of traditions with regard to plants by educating people on their benefits and advantages. On this site, we help readers learn all about Bouncing Bear and the products it sells, why you should choose their products and the benefits you will enjoy by doing so. In a nutshell, we present all you need to know about Bouncing Bear Botanicals before you reach out for their products.