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Health benefits of Yerba Mate

When I first heard my friends talk about Yerba Mate, and how it increases energy without simultaneously increasing the side effects which one might face while drinking other stimulants such as coffee, then it caught my attention. I decided to do my research about Yerba Mate. It has been 14 months since i first used Yerba Mate and due to the overwhelming experience it gave me, i decided to share information regarding this amazing species with all of those interested reader out there.

Yerba Mate is commonly known as the 'All in one beverage', as it is known to have the elation of chocolate, health benefits of tea and the strength of coffee. Yerba Mate is known to deliver both nutrition and energy together, hence labeling it as the most balanced stimulant of the world. Yerba Mate is mostly grown in Paraguay, Uruguay, northern Argentina and southern Brazil. Yerba Mate's plant is a small tree which stands up to 15 meters tall. Its flowers are small and green in color. However, the most important part of the plant is its leaves which contain caffeine and other related compounds which make Yerba Mate both nutritious and energetic.

Yerba Mate is the national drink of countries where it is grown. It is consumed in various ways, as many people like consuming it hot, while some prefer it served with milk. It is also known to be consumed cold, with honey, lemon, mint or any other combination which might suit the person.

I was amazed to find out that Yerba Mate contains various important Vitamins, such as: A, C, E, B1, B2, B5 and B Complex. Moreover, it is made up of healthy minerals which include Iron, Zinc, Calcium, magnesium and Potassium. It contains almost all the minerals and vitamins necessary to keep oneself healthy, perhaps that is why various studies and researches have shown that Yerba Mate has no nutritional comparison to any other plant in the world. Long before these researches were carried out, Yerba Mate has been used as a primary and integral ingredient of almost all the herbal medicines in South America. Many scientists have also pointed out that the compounds of Yerba Mate are similar to that found in Green Tea, but it is quite apparent that when compared with green tea, Yerba Mate is far superior in both nutritional and health aspect.

Since i started using Yerba Mate, I hardly fall sick. It has become a necessary part of my daily routine, without which i tend to feel incomplete. Moreover, in order to further maximize your satisfaction, i would recommend that you purchase Yerba Mate from a trusted source. My personal suggestion would be Bouncing Bear Botanicals, as i have tried other companies as well, but Bouncing Bear Botanical's quality surpassed all of its competitors. Plus, their transportation service is far better and faster, and their product prices are extremely affordable, which are cut even further using their discount coupons. These coupons can help you save up to $75 on every purchase!