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If you are looking to buy exotic plants or rare ethno botanical herbs, then Bouncing Bear Botanicals is your one stop solution. Bouncing Bear Botanicals has been a trusted name in the sacred plants and herbs market for over 10 years now. It is known for providing highest quality herbal products at the most competitive prices. The primary purpose of Bouncing Bear Botanicals is to create awareness regarding the wonders some herbs have to offer. In the scientifically developed era of today, people have overlooked the significance of herbs and other sacred plants, thus, Bouncing Bear Botanicals seeks to aware the new generation regarding the benefits and importance of such rare herbs.

Bouncing Bear Botanicals guarantees exceptional quality and standard of all of their products. They offer a wide range of herbs, which include: Amanita, Kratom, Damiana, Yerba Mate, Ayahuasca, Live plants, various seeds, Japanese Green Tea and much more. Bouncing Bear Botanicals gives utmost preference to their customer's satisfaction; this is why they offer a full refund policy in case the customer is not pleased with the product. Whatever the reason might be, the customer is given a complete refund.

Moreover, Bouncing Bear Botanicals also offers wholesale prices to their customers. This involves opening up a wholesale account (information regarding which can be obtained by contacting Bouncing Bear Botanicals through email or fax), however Bouncing Bear Botanicals also offers wholesale prices for some specific items to their individual customers as well. This also involves emailing in the product's name, along with the desired quantities.

One of the features which really set Bouncing Bear Botanicals apart from all the competitors in the market is their ability to ship their products fast. They charge a minimal rate of $6 all over United States and deliver products within 3 working days. Moreover, they also provide shipment for customers outside United States. The delivery dates for such cases tend to vary from country to country; hence it is advisable that all details regarding delivery time is obtained before placing the order.

To provide even further assistance to their customers, Bouncing Bear Botanicals provides ample amount of payment options. They accept all the major credit cards such as: American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover, as well they accept payments in forms of Cheques, cash, money orders or even wire transfers. As soon as the payment is received, Bouncing Bear Botanicals ships the order. These shipping details and information is shared with the customers through email, so that they can easily track their shipments.

So, if you are looking to explore some rare and unique herbal products and live plants (which are delivered in a guaranteed live and healthy condition) then Bouncing Bear Botanicals is perhaps the best option available. They not only charge low prices, but provide great services to their customers, both in form of quality of their product, as well as fast and safe transportation. So Yes, are legit so log on to their website today and choose from a long list of ethno botanical herbs TODAY!