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Why People Thinks It's A Scam And What We Have To Say About It

Bouncing Bear Botanicals is rated as one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Ethnobotanicals. On one hand, there are several sites on internet that boasts of its great service and quality and on the other hand there are also sites that discuss the scam and the reasons behind the raid that took place in the company manufacturing plant a year ago. With so much good and bad written in the blogs, reviews and sites, one is left to wonder if the company is really genuine or it is all marketing gimmicks. The below story presents the real picture:

4th February 2010 was a red lettered day in the calendar of Bouncing Bear Botanicals history. The owner of biggest Ethnobotanical vendor - Jonathan Sloan was arrested on this day against alleged charges of malpractice and supply of controlled substances. The local police and FDA raided the store of Bouncing Bear Botanicals on account of using illegal ingredients and products. They claim that there is unlawful cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of controlled substances such as DMT, mescaline, acid amide, cebil seeds and more. However, with further probe into the case it is proved that the Bouncing Bear Botanicals scam and charges were unjust, biased and baseless. The substances they termed as 'illegal' were not exactly illegal. A law was under process in the state that was yet to prove the product as illegal. It can be assumed that police had taken this step or used this tactic to set an example and scare others involved in such businesses. It also seemed that they wanted to seize a bulk of the supply before passing of the law declaring it illegal and the supply entering into the black market.

Jonathan and his team at Bouncing Bear Botanicals were also indicted with a series of other charges. FDA claimed that alkaloids in cacti and seeds were illegal. Also the toads and plants contained DMT which was unlawfully manufactured. However these claims seemed to be unreasonable as all the renowned nurseries in the area such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot used the same alkaloids and DMT. It clearly seemed that Jonathan and company was targeted due to reasons other than this. There seemed to be innumerable motives behind the Bouncing Bear Botanicals scam. One of the reasons may be simply because of the growing popularity of the business and store. Other may be because Jonathan had an oppressive authority in the state and he opposed the bill to ban the ingredients used in K2. His documentaries exposed the illegal use of plants. If these were the hidden reasons behind his arrest and Bouncing Bear Botanicals scam then it was in true sense the violation of human and civil rights.

The law enforcement agencies also accused Bouncing Bear Botanicals of the illegitimate possession of certain drugs to the extent that Jonathan was blamed for drug smuggling. The scam list seemed to go on and on. The filters used to manufacture, propagate, harvest and analyze plants were made up of plastic which is strictly banned. The business was completely destructed due to seizure of cash and products worth millions by the authority. Jonathan's family was mishandled and tormented. He was slapped with very high bail amount. The entire ethnobotical community was shattered and shocked with this incident. But all those charges were later proved wrong and Jonathan was freed and cleared of all charges.

There were clearly immoral motives behind this raid and it can be concluded that Bouncing Bear Botanicals scam was unfair on the part of police authority. It tried to distort the public image of the company and divert its customers. But fortunately the truth has come out and enough evidences given to prove its authenticity. The company is re-established now and working with stronger commitments towards service and quality.