Kava Kava


Kava Kava

What Is Kava Kava?

I first came across the word Kava Kava 8 months back, though i had heard a lot of good rumours about it, i still decided to do my own bit of research on what it is really all about. Kava Kava, which is also famously known by Latin name 'Piper Methysticum', grows in the South Pacific Islands. It has been widely used by the natives of South Pacific Islands for centuries now. It holds great cultural value, as they consider it both as a ritual drink, as well as an effective remedy for various problems. Though, back in those days there was no scientific research to proof this theory of Kava Kava being used as a medicine, but only recently a number of researches have shown just how effective Kava Kava can be in treating anxiety.

The results of these closely monitored researches have made Kava Kava quite popular in the West, as people have actively started considering the use of Kava Kava as a medicine to tackle mental stress and anxiety. The theory behind this mental relaxation from the use of Kava Kava is that its ingredients, Kavalactones, are such that it provides a feeling of ease to the mind.

Moreover, in the ancient times, Kava Kava was used for more than tackling stress and anxiety. It was used to fight fatigue, lose weight and reduce asthma. It was also considered to be effective for curing headaches as well as other cramps. Occasionally it was also used to calm stomach pain. Although, the traditional style of consuming Kava Kava was by drinking it, but people also used its leaves at time. The use of Kava Kava leaves was associated with treating general illness, as well as for various external applications.

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